Research institute customers are eligible for discount price at 0.35 USD/bp. Minimum gene order $150.00.
●Experienced and innovative team
●Any gene in any vector
●Competitive price and fast turnarounds
●100% Fidelity and reliability guarantee

AccurateRun 50bp
AccurateRun 100bp
NormalRun 200bp
NormalRun 250bp
NormalRun 1kb
GelRed Prestained

Regular/Modified Oligonucleotides
OPC、PAGE、HPLC Purification
Mass Spectrometry Quality Control
RNA Synthesis,HPLC Purification

pTG19-T vector
pGH-T simple vector
pTG dual-T vector

Three kinds of technical platforms selected for your assay
Ligase detection reaction( LDR )
Multiplex SNaPshot Genotyping
Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry(MALDI-TOF MS)

Rich variety
High Purity
Reasonable Price

Different DNA Polymerase
PCR Mix With Dye
High Amplification Efficiency

DNA Minipreps Kits
RNA Minipreps Kits
DNA/RNA Column Sold Separately


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